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Christmas tree

 Whoever had Christmas without a Christmas tree? Regardless if it’s plastic, recycled, or the good old conifer, pine, and fir—Christmas is not complete without it.

In choosing a Christmas tree, especially live trees there are a few considerations. Go to a reliable Christmas shop or check online Christmas shops, the latter is more convenient. Pick a freshly cut tree. Check the foliage closely if it’s wilting or if it’s still vibrantly green and lively. You must also consider the area where you will display it to get the right size of the tree; you don’t want a humongous tree for a tine-tiny room or a minute tree for a banquet hall. It’s difficult to find the perfect tree, if there are minor flaws such as bald parts, worry not! Cut some leaves from abundant parts and fill it in the parts with less, and your tree crisis is solved. If you’re going to buy a plastic tree there are less considerations, just check if there are damages or if the pieces are perfectly intact.

You could also be a bit creative and go experimental with your tree—collect twigs or dead branches, put them together and form a cone-like pine tree shape, meticulously cover it with any craft paper you desire such as crepe paper (color green would be nice, but you can go wild it’s your tree after all) or metallic paper. An artistic streak is very important because you don’t want your Christmas to be a nightmare before Christmas.

If you have finally decided for a tree then it’s time to get busy, think of a color motif that fits your mood for the season. This is very important to make your decoration consistent, classy and tasteful. You don’t have to buy expensive decorations, old decorations will do—there’s nothing a little embellishing can’t fix. Add a bit of metallic and glitters never fail to jazz up anything. Put up the Christmas lights, turn it on, and behold as your tree dazzles.

Take a moment and marvel at the grandeur of your tree. Although it would take you a lot of effort to put up an exquisite Christmas tree, you will be able to enjoy the whole holiday with it so it’s worth everything. The most important thing after all is the fun you’ve had, putting up and decorating your tree is just one of the few delightful things one could experience in Christmas. Remember it’s only once a year so make the most out of it. Happy holidays!