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In a relatively fast paced and modern times, how does one enjoy the holidays? Some travel, some go to the beach—mostly outdoor activities—to escape from a dismal routinary life. But for those who still believe in the delights of a traditional holiday, cozy up at home, pour yourself a mug of eggnog and start unearthing old Christmas decorations, or run to the nearest Christmas shop—it’s not your good old Christmas holidays without mistletoes on the ceiling, stockings hanging, and your good old Christmas decorations.

Start spreading the holiday spirit in the living room; it’s the place where the family usually comes together and enjoys each other’s company.  Put up the Christmas tree near the sofa. Hang in the balls, the bells, the tassels, and trinkets. Put on the Christmas lights, ribbons, and the star on top. Color motifs should be considered but the timeless red, green, and a dash of gold never grows old.

When the tree is done continue with the window. It’s a joy to treat your neighbors and passersby a peek of the holiday pleasures you’re enjoying. Hang the wreaths, line the snowman and Santa figurines, and fill the rest of the space with stockings and plastic candy canes (we don’t want the ants to ruin the fun).

Set up the nativity. It’s one of the most essential Christmas decorations—it reminds us the true meaning of why we celebrate this holiday. Also, it’s delightful arranging the holy entourage, headed by Jesus, Joseph and Mary. If one of the characters is broken, lost, or you don’t have a nativity set at all, go to a trusted Christmas shop. But if you don’t have time or the extra cash, don’t fret, it’s time to be creative and make your own. It’s also a fun bonding activity for the whole family. You can draw it on a cardboard, cut it out, paste a stand at the back, and voila your very own nativity set.

From the living room fill up the whole house with more holiday decors, put up more Christmas lights, wreaths, and trinkets. Add some lanterns too, until everything really feels Christmas.

Now hang the mistletoes. This is the exciting part—it widens the opportunity for the single and the looking for a romantic rendezvous on the holiday. Hang it on strategic areas— in dimly lit corridors, entry ways, and quiet places—now everyone has no excuse to have fun.

When everything is done, turn on the Christmas lights, pour yourself another mug of eggnog and sit down on the sofa. Let the Christmas rush take over and enjoy the holiday ahead.